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"Drew was awesome. Gave me specific exercises to improve my back symptoms."
Oct 21, 2021
"Very happy with proactive in north Syracuse,Dan did a great job at every appointment .Everyone in that office was very friendly.Definitely recommend pt in this location."
Sep 28, 2021
"Drew Nelson is an outstanding PT. He looks at the whole body and how one walks and moves before tailoring a treatment plan. Results and relief from pain are almost immediate. I now am free of hip and knee pain and will not need surgery. Drew is very professional and pleasant and puts his clients at ease. I have recommended him to several of my friends. Thank you Drew!"
Aug 09, 2021
"I had PT with SUNY upstate student JP along with Nate after I was in a car accident. They truly care about their patients and are a fun and knowledgeable staff! "
Jul 29, 2021
"Outstanding physical therapy experience! I have been to different PT's with various family members and had no desire to go because I didn't think they helped. I was in a car accident and had to see a PT for myself. I googled reviews about physical therapists. I read the reviews and they were excellent so I decided to check them out. From beginning to end, the process exceeded expectations. Office hours are very convenient. Reception was amazing and friendly every time. Dr. Nate took time to review my condition and possible therapy routes with me and made sure I was comfortable with what he was suggesting. They listened to my concerns and dedicated time with me for my individual needs. I didn't feel like I was rushed and everything was clearly explained to my satisfaction. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Also, giant shout out to JP, the intern who spent a lot of time with me. :)"
May 21, 2021
"Working with Nate and Zachary at the North Syracuse location I made steady progress, improving cervical range of motion and reduction of chronic pain resulting from multiple fusions and degenerative disc disease. They were always willing to listen, encourage, and make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed. I was provided with a home exercise plan that I hope will keep me on track now that I have resumed the activities that I enjoy. I highly recommend working with Proactive Physical Therapy for any physical rehabilitation needs. They will take good care of you!"
May 10, 2021
"Dr Drew is very good and also nice and friendly. I had 2 different issues near the same area. He provided me the right stretches I needed to help me stretch the muscles I needed to relieve the pain and pressure I was having. All with in a couple of months both areas have improved at the same time. When I feel my muscle start to tighten I have the right stretches to refer to. Also very friendly staff. "
May 04, 2021
"ProActive was really great to work with!!! They fit me in quickly and were easily accessible between sessions if/when I needed to contact them. Everyone was kind, extremely knowlegable, encouraging and fun to talk to while doing PT exercises on site. I've been to ProActive for 2 different injuries and had a very positive experience with Steph both times! I wouldn't go any place else in the future."
May 01, 2021
"Dr. Drew Nelson is by far, the PT best provider I've partnered with in many years! Dr. Nelson's hands-on approach in assessing the root cause of my injury coupled with a dedicated recovery program was unmatched. I have personally seen Dr. Nelson's one on one attention with his patients before my visits - e.g. his practice within the Manlius YMCA is an ideal setting to offer immediate application of his very effective, customized PT recovery regimen. Until my visits with Dr. Nelson, I have never been to a PT practice which focuses solely on the patient...individually and one on one throughout the appointment. His "director of first impressions" Rebecca is a wonderful team partner as well - truly a reflection of the wonderful care provided at this practice...and a tremendous help with processing all the many variable tasks involving appointments, doctor records and insurance processing. Dr. Nelson's assessment of my injury's needs was spot on and enabled my recovery to be far more timely than I had expected; once he knew where I needed to strengthen areas, I continued his program with great results. Moreover, Dr. Nelson was so convinced of my positive prognosis, there were no unnecessary visit requests! Dr. Nelson was also highly recommended to me from several others within our community - inclusive of athletes and fitness professionals alike. If you're looking for the best in PT care, Dr. Nelson is the one to see; he certainly enabled my recovery back to all of the active things I love the most. He's also a regular presence within the Y always eager to 'check-in' and see how things are progressing both, health-wise and personally. Thank you, Doc and keep up the great care within our community!"
Feb 25, 2021
"The BEST place to go for PT, It is a relaxed atmosphere. Not a lot of people. Everyone is friendly, kind and caring. The physical therapists are very knowledgeable. I have been there 4 or 5 times in the last 6 years. Easy access to get in and out of building. I will not go anywhere else. I am a senior citizen. "
Dec 28, 2020
"Received PT for elbow pain. Thanks to Steph I'm much better ☺️"
Nov 25, 2020
"I will gladly recommend Pro Active to anyone looking for a good physical therapist . All the therapists are v err ry professional & knowledgeable. They also listen & are empathetic to their patients. The administrattivev assistant is very easy to work with & very flexible in making appointments . "
Sep 29, 2020
"I definitely recommend PROActive. === I just completed my PT and am very satisfied. It is about a 45 minute drive for me, but the Waterville office was able to schedule my first appointment within a couple days of my call. The physical therapists near me couldn't schedule me for one month. The staff are very nice and are knowledgeable, or are learning, about the latest techniques. The facility bright and clean, the overall atmosphere congenial. My visits were enjoyable, even though I had to "work". PROActive will be my first call if I need PT again. "
Sep 22, 2020
"I went to Proactive Physical therapy for my knee and started in March. I worked with Nate and he helped me regain strength in my knee and heal it after surgery. Nate was great giving me helpful exercise and things to help me. With out Nate I would not have made as much progress on my knee as I did. I had a great experience here and would recommend to anyone I know!!! "
Sep 03, 2020
"Nate worked with my 16 year old son who suffered a series of ankle sprains over 18 months playing soccer. Nate was our 4th pt and he was the only one who correctly diagnosed the root causes of my son’s injuries and then developed a treatment plan that combined balance work, the strength and flexibility exercises. Nate worked closely with our local strength coach to augment our twice weekly session. More importantly Nate also helped my son deal with the psychological and emotional issues of recurrent injuries. My son has returned to elite soccer competition and is doing quite well. Thank you Nate. "
Dec 11, 2019
"Dr. Drew Nelson was amazing. Having spent a career in the US Army, I have been involved with physical therapy before, but Dr. Drew is on a whole other level. His depth of knowledge, his understanding of patient goals, his ability to motivate, and his desire to reach patient goal's, set him head and shoulder's above any other PT I have ever met. I had a total knee replacement and doubted, at times, my ability to get back to the activity level that I needed. Because of Dr. Drew, 6 months after surgery, I was promoted to the next belt in Teakwondo, my repaired leg can lift almost 80 percent of my good leg and I am awaiting approval from the surgeon to begin running after more than 4 years that pain kept me from my favorite pastime. Best of all my two small boys have a dad who throws ball with them, kicks the ball with them, and explored the woods and the ski slopes with them. Thank you Dr. Drew. "
Sep 24, 2019
"I recently have been to Pro Active for back issues. I saw Nate Loughlin and was really impressed with not only his knowledge but his honest concern with how I felt. I have seen other therapists and this is the place I will always come back too. Thanks guys!!"
Aug 23, 2019
"Nate was absolutely wonderful!! I would highly recommend them as they are knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional. The excerises were provided by email and went over in detail. They were easy enough to remember and only was changed slightly as I was starting to feel better to keep me moving in the correct direction. I feel so much better and am still doing some of the exercises to keep my progress going even after graduating from physical therapy. Thank you!!"
Aug 04, 2019
"Wonderful experience. My therapist, Dr. Drew Nelson, was very professional and knowledgeable. With all his expertise my rotator cuff is on the mend. I also love the convenience of being in the YMCA. "
Jun 18, 2019
"After several months of PT @ a different facility with minimal progress, I was then referred to Dr Nate Loughlin for treatment of carpal tunnel symptoms. I was impressed at my first appointment with different exercises, the interest taken in what I was saying about symptoms and was given many suggestions and just taking the time to explain things was greatly appreciated and I couldn’t wait for my next appointments and most of all I am very satisfied with the progress made between the first appointment and the last and when symptoms become intense I now know different ways to find some relief. Thankyou Dr Nate Loughlin for your patience, expertise and of course the awesome office environment. ProActive is highly recommended."
Nov 06, 2018
"I have been to proactive pt afterseveral injuries that required surgery. The staff there is great and keeps working with you throughout your therapy unlike several other therapists I saw that showed me some exercises and then paid little attention to me. Nate and his staff work with you and have realistic exercises you can work on at home not just at the office. I saw a 100% decrease in pain and a huge improvement in my range of motion. I highly recommend Proactive Physical therapy. "
Nov 06, 2018
"I would recommend PROActive in North Syracuse to anyone who needs physical therapy. Dr. Nate Loughlin is a genial man and easy to get along with. He makes a good case for exercise being beneficial for everyone, not just for those with a problem or making a recovery. He explains things, listens to you, and what I appreciated most, is very encouraging. Dr. Nate also has good staff who likewise give you great individualized care. The time I spent at PROActive was well worth it. I learned many valuable exercises which have really helped me, and I am better off knowing what they taught me there. PROActive’s building is not large, yet it is very conveniently located for anyone living in or near North Syracuse and Cicero."
Jul 19, 2018
"I am so glad to have been sent to PRO Active physical therapy. I had a pain in my shoulder and arm and now I am feeling much better. Do your excersizes at home in between appointments and you will be good as new. Thanks so much!"
Mar 02, 2018
"I was able to get am appointment the day after I called, and did not even need a referral from my doctor. In 2 weeks I was back to normal. I highly recommend PROActive PT!"
Nov 26, 2017
"Highly Recommended! I have been there for several injuries - low back sprain and after knee surgery. Both times I was high satisfied an reached all my goals!"
Jun 29, 2017
"What an awesome atmosphere! From day 1, I felt very comfortable and got to know the staff and other patients well. I would recommend this group to all of my friends and family!"
May 22, 2017
"Very impressed with the level of expertise of Dr. Nate and the other staff. I have dealt with knee pain for years and wanted to avoid surgery. I attended only 1 session per week (they even had even hours!) and was back to walking without pain in 5 weeks! Highly recommend before anyone seriously considers surgery!"
May 19, 2017
"In only a few sessions, I was able to meet all of my goals. I was educated on how the body works and what I needed to do to stay healthy!"
May 04, 2017
"Five years ago, I had an injury which left me disabled due to back pain. I could not enjoy life. The staff at PROActive sat down with me, listened, and gave me hope. I can now walk through the neighborhood and play with my grandchildren. What a terrific experience!"
May 04, 2017