PROActive Physical Therapy is proud to announce the development of our section on "Fewest Visit Conditions " which are based on our certification in Evidence Based Practice - making us the first clinic in the Northeast and the only one in New York to have this certification distinction! We are certified by Evidence in Motion - a company of our professions' leading researchers and visionaries. Why is this a big deal? The three important questions below will answer that.

Three Very Important Questions:

  1. What is Evidence Based Practice?
    This is a long overdue movement in healthcare that seeks to ensure that when you see a medical provider you get the best known treatment for your condition, based on reliable research. This means there has to be enough high level research to come to a trustworthy conclusion as to what treatment is most effective. Makes sense, right? A new study recently published showed that in the US, patients got the best practice only 56% of the time. By choosing PROActive, you can be confident that you will receive the latest and best researched treatment - every time!
  2. What exactly is a "Fewest Visit Condition"?
    A "Fewest Visit Condition" is a specific treatment process for a condition or injury that is based on the very latest and highest level research. The treatment has been validated at the highest level giving it a high level of confidence. At PROActive, we have been instructed in what the research shows and in the skills needed to provide the treatments. We are the only clinic in the State to have EVERY Physical Therapist trained in the research and skills- so the treatment you get is not dependent on which therapist you happen to see.
  3. Why are "Fewest Visit Conditions" Important to You?
    When you go to a Physical Therapist you want to know that you are getting the latest and best treatment for your condition. At PROActive you can be 100% sure you will get just that! If you want to know if we are up to date just ask your Physical Therapist to see the research - at PROActive we can show you in a matter of seconds!! In fact, if you find something on the Internet and want to know if the research is valid and meets the standards, bring it to us and we will get that answer for you!! Last but not least, by getting the best treatment you can count on getting better in the fewest visits.

As we say: "Newest research, fewest visits, best results."